Oh boy, this was a fun and challenging cake....but we love challenges at Sandra's Cakes!  They only make us much better at what we do! I'm passionate about cakes, and these cakes are right up my alley!  My client was totally amazed and wrote me the sweetest email....."Henry thought the dinosaur cake was his best friend. No one thought it was a cake. Everyone thought it was a decoration or a stuffed animal. It was absolute art. It is the most incredible cake ever. Then to taste it was even better. None of us wanted to cut the cake. They love it. We love it. We all love you.Thank you again for making another masterpiece art cake for my family. I have said it before but you are truly talented. Your heart shines through in everything you do" .

How sweet is that! My heart smiles every time!  We are very proud of what we do and just LOVE making awesome looking cakes and cakes that taste just as amazing as they look!