I't Been a While!!!

Hello Sweet Friends!  I have been busy like a bee working on cakes and doing travel basketball with my 12 yr old son.  I thought I would slow down a bit during the summer, but I would not want to have it any other way!  I thank God for his love, mercy and the health that I enjoy that allows me to keep chugging along!  I thank God for the stamina and for allowing me to use the talents that he gave me to serve others and make them happy with my cakes!  I have been extremely blessed over the years to have loyal customers that come year after year and are even willing to drive from Palm Beach and beyond to get one of my yummy cakes!  God is good and faithful!  I can only give Him and Him alone the honor and glory for the success my little business has had!

I do want to say Thank You, to my existing clients and for the many new ones that have supported Sandra's Cakes.  I appreciate all of you!

So, here is a small collection of some of my favorite celebration cakes I've made since the last time I posted!  Enjoy!

 I am thrilled to present this awesome alligator grooms cake made for a recent wedding.  This cake traveled all the way to Jacksonville baby!  All edible!  Very proud of this one!

This crawfish pot cake was also a big hit!  Made for a birthday celebration a few weeks back!  A super fun cake to make!  

This Super Mario cake was for a repeat client who came from Palm Beach because she absolutely loves my cakes!  They are soooo moist and yummy!  All edible figurines!

This purse was also for another client from Boynton Beach who comes back every year!  I just love my sweet clients!