Saturday, July 18, 2009


My niece Camila is turning 14 on Monday but we got together today to celebrate her birthday. I use my family as guinea pigs when it comes to tasting new flavor combinations. So I baked a chocolate cake and made a really yummy banana cream cheese filling. I also added fresh cut bananas and an amazing caramel rum sauce. I always add a thin spread of chocolate ganache to each cake layer for a more chocolaty that even a word! Well, you know what I mean, the more chocolate the better. So I frosted the cake with a light mocha buttercream and topped it with more chocolate ganache and caramel sauce and chocolate chip cookie crumbs. Oh Yea! I know you are drooling by was amazing!

Whimsy 60th Birthday

I created this cake for Clara's 60th Birthday. She is a family friend and her sister in law, Lorelle, surprised her with this cake. Inspiration for this design came from a gift bag I had. I just loved the vibrant colors and whymsical design. The bottom cake was a chocolate chocolate chip cake filled with alternating layers of vanilla and mocha buttercreams and also caramel rum sauce and chocolate ganache. The top was also chocolate filled with chocolate chip cookies cream. Yum!!