Sunday, November 14, 2010


Designed this cake for a maskarade themed Qunicianera celebration.  So gorgeous and elegant!  We took a tiny flower from the mask the client was using and turned it into the focal point for this cake along with some swirl patterns from the mask.   Three tiers, three different flavors...vanilla rum/strawberry buttercream, vanilla rum/ dulce the leche, chocolate/cookies and cream...yum!!!


This colorful cake was inspired by a photo my client sent me for her grandaughter's first birthday celebration.  Tasty red velvet cake filled with cream cheese and chocolate cake filled with cookies and cream.   Very happy client, very happy me!


Designed this cake at the request of my client Jamie for her husband Joe's 40th birthday celebration.  Moist and tasty coconut rum cake filled with vanilla buttercream.


Here is another version of a previous pirate ship cake.  Very happy with the outcome!  Vanilla and chocolate cakes filled with vanilla buttercream. 


I just returned from a much needed week long vacation aboard the Oasis of the Seas.  My wonderful husband and I along with another couple, traveled to the Eastern Caribbean.  What a wonderful time that was, it was actually our very first cruise vacation and now we are hooked!  

I'm refreshed and ready to get back to caking!  Here are some of the cakes we created in the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy your visit and please come back as we try to update the site often with our new creations.

Designed this Halloween themed birthday cake for a special celebration.  This moist vanilla rum cake was iced in vanilla buttercream and decorated with gumpaste and fondant.  My client was thrilled and got teary when I delivered the cake for her daughter. 

Made this cake for Diana's Birthday with her favorite character.  She loved it and did not want to cut the cake!  Thankfully, that has been one of our most popular complaints, our clients don't want to cut the cakes because they are just beautiful! 

I had the honor of making, once again, a special cake for the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce's Annual Installation Luncheon.  This was a moist vanilla rum cake filled with creamy vanilla buttercream.

Happy Birthday Xander!  This was a fun cake to make, just as last years!  Hope your birthday celebration was great with your wonderful family! 

Loved the colors on this cake!  Buttercream iced with gumpaste lotus flower.  Also loved the chocolate cake filled with peanut butter cream cheese and fresh bananas, sooooo goooood!

Another fun and beautiful jungle themed baby shower cake.  My client was very happy and said the cake was delicious too!

Sweet baby shower cake for Franshesca.  She loved the cake and said the Amaretto cake was very good!