The Process

Sandra's Cakes offers consultations for wedding cakes by appointment only.

We want to make this experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible and our goal is to ultimately design and make the cake you have always dreamed of and a cake that will have lasting memories.

During the consultation, that should last about 45 minutes to one hour, you will have the opportunity to sample 2 to 3 cake flavors of your choice; this means one cake flavor and one icing/filling flavor per sample. Since inspiration can come from the least expected things, we encourage you to bring anything that you feel is relevant to the celebration. Things such as fabric samples, invitations and any other objects or photos that will help us design your special cake.  We will not replicate other artists’ work, because we recognize the time and effort that goes into the design process and we respect  their time and talents. If you bring a photo of a cake you like, we will make recommendations and use some ideas, but the final design will be uniquely yours.

To schedule your consultation, please call us at 772-528-3159 or send us an e-mail at