Thursday, November 07, 2013

My Mom, My Inspiration!

My beautiful Mom...a tough cookie!  like the nurse described her when I took her to get her chemo therapy today.  She has been fighting colon cancer for a bit over a year and has been in the hospital a few times since, including last weekend.  Also, one of the reasons why I chose to work at home for a while so I could devote more time to be with her and my family...what matters most!!!

Beautiful and Classy Wedding Cake

Romantic wedding cake finished in buttercream with sugar hydrangeas. 
A few weeks after the wedding I received a phone call from the mother of the bride to tell me that the guests were still talking about how delicious the cake was...some even saying it was the best cake they've ever had!  Oh yeah!!!

Pelican Anniversary Cake

Edible Art!!!

Crossfit Triple D

Designed this cake for Coach Rob's birthday celebration.  He just wanted an awesome and over the top cake and I gave it to him!!!  He was super thrilled!!!

Antique Pick Up Truck for Bridal Shower Celebration

Love challenging cakes like this and love getting awesome feedback!  This cake was a total hit and the bride was in awe of the details we were able to capture of her truck.  Loved to have been part of this special celebration!

Under Sea Birthday Cake

How cool is this cake, with all kinds of sea life!  I think my favorite is the mean looking octopus! LOL  All edible and handcrafted details, cake finished in smooth buttercream.