Saturday, March 06, 2010

I made this guitar cake,  a little while ago, for Timmie, who wanted to honor her son on his wedding with this cake.  

Luau Birthday Cake

Designed this luau themed cake also for my friend Christy, who surprised her sister with this cake for her 40th birthday.   I love making bright and colorful cakes like this one.  Everything is edible.  This was a fragrant and flavorful coconut cake filled with vanilla buttercream.


I designed this WarCraft themed cake for Zach's 9th Birthday today.  He celebrated his birthday at Port St. Lucie's Super Play with his family and friends.  Christy, his mom, had asked me to make the cake based on the video game that he plays on-line along with the character he created.  She was thrilled with the cake.  This was Zach's favorite cake combination; a chocolate cake with mint buttercream.