Mindcraft Themed Birthday

Hello Friends!  Last weekend we celebrated Jeremy's 8th birthday.  He wanted a Mindcraft birthday party; and oh boy, was I in for a lot of work!  It wasn't even the cake; it was more the research and what to do with this theme since there is not a lot out there to decorate.  Thank God for Pinterest!  I got some ideas and then some of my own and I put together a great party for my little one!  And, who would have thought that three days of gathering boxes around town would bring so much fun for him and his friends.  I really don't know much about Mindcraft, I know it is a video game he plays where he builds stuff with blocks, I guess! LOL  So the idea of having the boxes was for them to build, stack and we even played musical boxes!  I tell you, it was the best party so far!  We even built a giant Creeper.  At the end, they got to destroy the Creeper and got all the candy we put inside the middle box.  Here are a few shots!  Enjoy!!!  BTW, my kids are pretty humble but Jeremy has been spoiled with over the top cakes for the past 7 years, and because I had to organize all the activities for this party, I had no time to work on his cake.  I know, shame on me!  He did tell me it was the worse Mindcraft cake he'd ever seen, but he got over it quickly. I literally finished the cake 15 minutes prior to the party starting.  He had so much fun, that the cake wasn't even that important at the end!  And the very BEST part of the party.....destroying all the boxes!!!